Accelerate Retirement

We recognize the complexity companies face when sponsoring a retirement plan. We believe passionately in providing plan sponsors and employees prudent advice as fiduciaries. That’s why our mission is to make it simple and easy for employers to manage retirement plans for your employees. We strive to mitigate fiduciary liability and inspire your employees to work toward retirement readiness.


Accelerate Retirement

Accelerate Retirement specializes in full-service employer-sponsored retirement plans. We know that running a successful retirement plan and a company at the same time can be a complex equation. That’s why our goal is to make it simple and easy for employers to create plans for your employees. We will help you minimize fiduciary liability and encourage your employees to work toward retirement readiness.

Our Retirement Plan Services

Fiduciary Governance

Investment Analysis

Fee Benchmarking

Target Date Fund Consulting

Plan Design Consulting

Workplace Financial Planning & Group Education

Our Support Structure

Accelerate Retirement is an extensive team of retirement plan advisor specialists. We work closely with our clients, becoming their strategic partners in the trenches while always staying focused on their priorities. Accelerate believes in providing objective, fiduciary guidance for our clients.


Manufacturing company

When Accelerate Retirement was engaged, we started the process by benchmarking plan fees. This allowed us to reduce recordkeeping fees by 20%. In addition, we restructured the investment lineup to levelize recordkeeping and advisory fees in the plan by using institutional share classes and Collective Investment Trusts (CITs). We also provided onsite education to explain the plan changes to employees and educate them on the benefits of the plan.


Reduction of
recordkeeping fees

Let’s make providing retirement plans simpler—together