Fiduciary Plan Governance

Simplify daily administration & investing

Accelerate Retirement has the resources and expertise to take on every aspect of plan management.

We support your retirement plan by providing all of the tools necessary to fulfill your fiduciary responsibility:

  • ERISA compliance support in the form of access to a team of formerly-practicing ERISA attorneys
  • Our Fiduciary Diagnostic™ that outlines plan management responsibilities, uncovers existing gaps in ERISA responsibilities, and documents completion of required tasks
  • 20+ fiduciary education modules outlining fiduciary responsibilities and how to implement prudent processes
  • Meeting summaries/minutes outlining key discussions, decisions, and follow-up items
  • Our Proprietary Fiduciary Briefcase™ where we organize and store your plan’s documents, processes, reports, and meeting minutes in a secure online filing system
  • Strategic partnerships to reduce the risk of liability and save you time on processing payroll for your retirement plan contributions
  • Ability to serve as a 3(21) or 3(38) named fiduciary

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