Fee Equalization/ Levelization

Have you conducted a fee equalization/levelization? Fees in defined contribution (DC) plans can be complicated. Historically, fees have not been fully and simply disclosed, but the industry is changing towards greater and more understandable disclosure. Simply put, there are two … Read More

Form 5500 Red Flags

Beware of the IRS and DOL: Four Red Flags They Seek on Form 5500 The Form 5500 is an ERISA requirement for retirement plans to report and disclose operating procedures. Advisors use this to confirm that plans are managed according … Read More

Active vs. Passive Funds

THE ACTIVE VERSUS PASSIVE DEBATE HAS BEEN WITH US FOR SOME TIME. GENERALLY, PROPONENTS OF ACTIVE MANAGEMENT ARE LOOKING TO “BEAT THE MARKET” For several years during our recent raging bull market, the average passively managed fund has outperformed the … Read More

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